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Safe Shopping Online

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Our Website uses PayPal and our account with them uses SSL technology (secure sockets layer) to make sure that all your credit or debit card transactions are completely secure every time we receive an order we use fraud checking systems as well as authentication process before we fulfill it.


When you use our website the secure server will encrypt all of the personal information you send us, including credit or debit card numbers and name and address. Encryption turns the information into bits of code which are then securely transmitted over the internet.

We will take all reasonable measures to keep your personal information, order and payment details secure. However we cannot be held liable if an event beyond our control results in loss to you.


Payment Card Security

At Chapel Jewellers we are committed to protecting you against unauthorised transactions and ensuring that our payment process is as safe and secure as possible.  SSL technology (mentioned above)  has  been  implimented with extra levels of security to protect your online transactions.

Validation Checks

Security Code

We will ask you for a security code when you enter your card details this is the last 3 digits on the signature strip on the back of your credit or maestro card. American Express card holders this is the four digit number found on the front of the card. It guarantees that you physically have the card when you order and ensures that fraudulent orders cannot be placed with your card number alone. Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode.

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