Accession of Queen Elizabeth I 2008. £5 Gold Coin.
This is what Royal mint Says on there website about this coin 

Accession of Queen Elizabeth I 2008 £5 Gold Proof Coin


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  • Year-dated 2008
  • Struck in 22 carat gold
  • Finished to pristine Proof quality
On 17 November 1558, aged just 25, Elizabeth was proclaimed Queen of England, but with no heir her reign would conclude the Tudor dynasty. 2008 marked the 450th anniversary of the accession of one of the nation’s most influential monarchs, and ‘Gloriana’ or ‘Good Queen Bess’ as she was popularly known, remains a fascinating historical figure. This beautifully designed coin features the majestic Armada portrait of Queen Elizabeth I by George Gower, offset by four Tudor roses, making it a magnificent memento and fitting tribute to the formidable ‘Virgin Queen’ and a must-have for history enthusiasts and collectors alike.
The coin has only been taken out of capsule to photograph . There is no paperwork with this coin.
This coin is equivalent to 5 full sovereigns. 

Accession of Queen Elizabeth I 2008 £5 Gold Proof Coin