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Pay safely and securely using PayPal, with or without an account. Just click PayPal Checkout, and login or continue as guest. You'll just need your email address for confirmation and your debit or credit card.

Please see the notes section below your cart for more information.


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Please note: You have a limited amount of time (around 5 minutes) to complete the checkout procedure, or the order may time out and not be completed when paying. This may result in a payment been sent but not an order placed. If you're using PayPal Credit, please make sure you've done the required application / steps with PayPal before clicking checkout, as the process may take longer than 5 minutes. If you have any problems, please let us know via our contact page or via email.

Also, if you have a Paypal account, please make sure you have two funding sources for your account, this can be two cards or a card and a bank account connected to your account, otherwise it may send the payment via e-cheque, which will delay your order being received for a number of days.

Unfortunately we can't accept card payments over the phone. For payment via bank transfer, please contact us via email with the product number(s) of the items you wish to purchase and we will get back to you during working hours.

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